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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  May 18, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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bill. he will stare at you awkwardly until the end of this show! they come here to kill us and we worry about what they he think of us. and america should protect you? your sons killed us. why would you give the criminals an advantage over an unarmed -- >> get the hell out of your elitist egg head tower, put on your big boy pants. >> judge jeanine: i don't know how she did it. but my mom knew everything. she knew when i was down the street arguing with my sister lou lou about whose turn it was to walk the new dog or ride the new bike. when i listen to the obama white house i give her even more credit. no one in this administration knows anything.
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hello and welcome to "justice." i'm he judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. now, the president didn't know that the inspector general was investigating his irs for targeting political enemies. the president didn't know anything about his justice department seizure of associated press phone records. the attorney general didn't know anything about his department's subpoena of ap records. but then again, holder is the one who didn't know anything about fast and furious either. and, of course, hillary didn't know anything about the request for help in benghazi. and joe biden, well, he just doesn't know anything about anything. so who is running this joint? i'm convinced my mom could do a better job. this week on full display the white house reeling after revealations that the irs targeted political enemies and the justice department engaged
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in the wholesale seizing of press phone records. so what to do? >> we are out there trying to hunt down the folks who carried this out and we are trying to make sure that we fix the system so that it doesn't happen again. >> judge jeanine: weren't you going to do that with benghazi? not only did you not get the facts there, the truth is that you lied about the facts. didn't you? the truth is you didn't even send your investigators there for three weeks, giving the terrorists, the press and any one else who wanted the chance to rum imagine through classified documents that ambassador chris stevens didn't even have a golden hour to destroy because your consulate didn't meet minimum security standards. but to the irs. you really want to hunt down the folks that carried this out? i will tell you where to look. you start with the irs agents at the cincinnati office. the guys you first tried to put all the blame on. then you put them in the grand
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jury and you ask them under oath which supervisors directed them to withhold tax exempt status and investigate any one who might criticize your administration. you feds know how to do that. you do it all the time. and by the way, the system doesn't need to be fixed, your administration needs to be fixed. so if you want the truth, tell your director of the irs exempt division the learned lois lerner the one who says she is not good at math not to lie to congress, which she did when she said that her screening process was unbiased. when in truth, two years ago, she knew her agents were flagging all cases of any one who might criticize your administration. but, of course, mr. president, you will get to the bottom of this. >>e think we will be able to -- i think we will be able to figure out exactly what
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happened, who was involved, what went wrong and we are going to be able to implement steps to fix it. and we began that process yesterday by asking and accepting the resignation of the acting director there. >> judge jeanine: so now you tell the acting director of the irs steven miller that he he has to go. with all due respect, mr. president, mindless miller wasn't even there when all this happened. and he was leaving in a couple of weeks anyway. you think we're stupid? so you fire the acting commissioner who wasn't even there when the wrongdoing occurred. but you give sarah ingram, the tax exempt commissioner who was there implementing this abusive power a plum assignment in charge of the tax agency that oversees the obamacare office. and you want her to do what?
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you want her to oversee my healthcare? you want my health and my life in her hands? you who look at me through political filters? you who want to know what books i read, what candidates i support, and whether i might some day run for office? you and your irs and obamacare henchmen or are in the case of benghazi a lack thereof. you and our irs obamacare henchmen decide if i get that mastectomy or are if i get the prosthesis for that limb that got blown off because you can't listen to another country that goes out of its way to give us a tip about the boston bomber not once but twice about two terrorist dirtbags who you are housing, educating and funding who want to kill us and who get to do it because your fbi and your i.c.e. agents can't for
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the life of them figure out how to identify and stop someone from coming back into our country after spending six months in the country from which they supposedly south political refuge. but, oh, i foregot. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> judge jeanine: well, maybe i'm he just spending too much time on benghazi. but then you engage in a massive unprecedented intrusion of phone records of journalists editors, offices, home phones, cell phones. this is serious stuff, mr. president. we are not north korea. this is not iran. if law enforcement wants press records you notify the press, you negotiate with the press and give them a chance to challenge in court. unless there is a substantial threat to the investigation. now, you were in negotiations with the a.p. and they agreed to embargo or hold back your story. you know, there are always two
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reasons for things. the given reason and the real reason. mr. president, you were in the middle of a very tight presidential race and planned a press conference to beat that drum about how you dashed yet another terrorist plot and when the very people you asked to embargo the story heard you were about to do the same story they scooped it first and did it first. time to maybe get even and target the press? >> u.s. national security is dehe pendent on those folks being able to operate with confidence that folks back home have their backs so they are not just left out there high and dry. i don't think the american people would expect me as commander in chief not to be concerned about information that might compromise their missions or might get them killed. >> judge jeanine: gee, too bad you didn't use that same
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reasoning in bemidji whe benghu had a chance but still left american soldiers high and dry. how can you say that you didn't notify any one because it was a threat to national security when you were about to displease the same information? might you have done it in a more self-serving way. and now your a.g. in over his head holder is the one that personally has to sign off on this type of subpoena but he says he knows nothing about it because he reduced himself. really? where is the recusal letter? where is the recusal memo? where is the phone call? we know you already lied about the one stylistic change in benghazi and by the way it was nice to do an e-mail dump on a friday afternoon in the midst of two other burgeoning scandals. i read those e-mails. there was nothing confidential about them unless confidential
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to you means it makes you look bad and even petraeus who was honest enough to say frankly i would just as soon not use this. translation? not lying. interesting how word of his affair comes to light right after that. sounds like a classic obama chicago squeeze plan. excuse my pun. maybe i'm spending too much time on benghazi. according to righteous harry reid the president was right to call benghazi a side show. >> they are ventilating about benghazi. president obama was absolutely right to call this a side show. this is about smear politics and nothing else. >> judge jeanine: hyper venicety lating. -- hyperventilating? there were only two people hyperventilating in benghazi. they are the ones painted by al-qaeda linked lasers. two men on a roof who disoh boyed your order to stand down
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and waited hours for help that never came and instead you fired up air force one for your las vegas fundraiser and went to bed. don't give me your holier than thou rhetoric and co condesceng hog wash or throw us grainy pictures of the terrorists eight months after the benghazi attack and give me i'm going fix it rift. and do us all a favor. explain a few chip things. why is it that you apologize to muslims and lie to americans? why is it that you use the doj to threaten the press. why is it that you mobilize the irs to go after political enemies but can't mobilize troops to save american troops in benghazi? greg hicks state it best. the man who put his own life on the line in benghazi. the one that you demoted to a
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desk job. >> i was stunned. my jaw dropped and i was embarrassed. >> judge jeanine: you can't continue to embarrass us any more. the american people want the truth. the american people can handle the truth. and we don't need your moment. >> you want answers? >> i think i'm entitled. >> i want the truth. >> you can't handle the truth! >> judge jeanine: we have the right to know it. we have the right to expect it. in fact, we have the right to demand it. i'm still convinced my mom could do a better job. more on the irs, benghazi and ap scandals after the break including the former united states attorney general. were any laws broken? as well as a former commissioner of the irs. and can these debacles lead to the i word? stick around.
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mr. miller does this committee have the right to know the information that you knew? yes, or no? >> this committee -- >> yes, or no. >> is always going to get that information. >> this is the united states congress here that you are accountable to. >> judge jeanine: ousted irs chief steven miller grilled yesterday on capitol hill. he denies misleading congress as you heard. couldn't answer a simple question yes or no. have you heard that one from this administration before? so how long can everyone associated with the white house deny knowing anything? with me now, mississippi senator roger wicker who joins us from oxford. senator, thanks for being with us. >> glad to be with you, judge, thank you.
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>> senator, at what point does this administration totally loss its credibility? >> that may have already passed and by the way, i think you are a little tough on your mom. sh might actually do a pretty good job there so. i don't know her but i look forward to meeting her. >> judge jeanine: i was going to say mom i mean no insult when i say you could do a better job. thank you, senat.t we know is t is saying he is going to let somebody go it was leaving anyway who wasn't there at the time this happened. and what he is going to do is have the person that was in charge run obamacare. what is going on? >> i tell you, the more we he have hearings and the more we bring officials in and about put them under oath and they realize what the consequences are of not telling the truth the more information we will get. we learned some things yesterday we didn't know. we learnd that mr. miller thinks there is nothing illegal.
9:17 pm
he thinks it is regrettable. he is sorry that is occurred but doesn't think it is illegal. that is important that we know that. we also learned yesterday that this goes to the highest levels of the treasury department. these are not bureaucrats any more. these are obama administration treasury officials. we now know that. and i think chairman camp of the ways and means committee is, correct. this is just the beginning of a series of opportunities for some members of congress on both sides of the aisle to ask questions under oath and find out what the facts are. next week there are at least two hearings and i guess my question is going to be to our leadership over on the senate side to harry reid when is he going to allow the majority they are the only ones who can set a hearing, when is he going to allow them to hold hearings on this very issue, too? what we saw yesterday is an example of why it is important
9:18 pm
who runs which party runs each house of the congress. if the democrats and nancy pelosi were in charge of the united states house of representatives these hearings would not have been scheduled. they would not be scheduled next week and the public which deserves the right to know wouldn't be able to get these answers. >> judge jeanine: senator is, is there a possibility of having a special prosecutor investigate any of this? will you be asking for that when you conduct your -- you are calling for hearings yourself. >> i don't know that that is necessary. i guess if the entire legislative branch were controlled by one party that might be something that we should look at. i have been skeptical of the amount of resources that we have wasted over time and the amount of time it has taken to get these special prosecutors up and going and they go way beyond their scope.
9:19 pm
i think the congress under chairman camp, under chairman issa, think they are doing a good job and they will continue to get information. >> judge jeanine: senator, with all due respect nobody gets fired. charleen lamb was supposed to be removed and i hear she is up for promotion on the benghazi thing in the department of state. no one gets -- there are no consequences. don't you feel like your hands are tied? >> i don't think our hands are tied. i think other people will be fired. this is the opening week of really three major scandals. and it is frustrating at first but i really think we are going to get to the bottom of this. >> judge jeanine: senator wicker thanks for being with us this evening. we will stay tuned to this one. >> thank you very much, judge. >> judge jeanine: up next, eric holder keeps saying he just doesn't know what is going on. is america's top law enforcement officer really that clueless? we will ask the man who held that very position before
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i don't know. i don't know what has happened in this matter. i don't know. i don't know. i assume he was but i don't know. >> that i don't know. i don't know why that didn't happen. i don't know. of that i'm not sure. we probably have to get back to you with an answer on that.
9:24 pm
i don't know whether or not what funds are being used or whether that letter would apply to that effort. >> i simply don't know. >> i have complete confidence in eric holder as attorney general. he does his job with integrity and i expect he will continue to do so. >> judge jeanine: so just what does the attorney general actually know? it is the nation's top law enforcement officer. shouldn't he know almost everything? there are only a handful of people who can answer that question this country. i'm joined by one of them. former united states attorney general michael mukasey. good to have you here again. >> good to be here. >> judge jeanine: did you ever say i don't know that many times even in one hearing? >> i don't know whether i said that. >> judge jeanine: that is a good answer. all right. can you imagine not being aware of an investigation like the unprecedented seizure of those ap records if you were the top law enforcement officer in the
9:25 pm
country and the law requires you too actually sign a subpoena if you go for are a subpoena. >> the attorney general testified he reduced himself. >> judge jeanine: we don't have a recusal letter or memo. we don't have a date of the recusal. we know when shows up in front of congress that he reduced himself. why should we believe him? >> i can recall recusing myself at least ones. makes sense to do that because otherwise the other people involved in the investigation won't know that you have been recused and may come to you with information that you shouldn't have. you can't reduc recuse yoursely shouting in your office i recuse myself.
9:26 pm
>> judge jeanine: he either is stupid or not telling us the truth. >> somebody ought to look further as to whether there is a document. >> judge jeanine: he says he didn't sign one? >> did he say he didn't sign one or didn't know whether he had or where are it was. i think somebody ought to look hard and carefully and if he didn't sign one it may have been an oversight. i don't know that. >> judge jeanine: biggest seizure of ap records that we know of. >> the problem that i have with this is less the fact that they seized records which is something they do all the time and you don't need and should haven't to need the permission of a judge to go after records assistant u.s. attorneys do that all the time with subpoenas. but, but, if you are investigating this particular leak this particular operation was known only to a very he, very few people. it was close hold even at the cia. it wasn't even brief to the leadership of congress. it wasn't briefed to any congressional oversight committee. one thing that troubles me is
9:27 pm
that one of the telephone records they went after were the records of the congressional correspondent of the ap. since it could not have come from congress why were they seeking the records of the congressional correspondent of the ap? >> even more than that, judge, isn't the fact that in the middle of an election year that the white house was going to have a press conference the next day on the very same thing, ap agree heed to embardot, held it for -- embargo, held it and then scooped the white house they the white house was going to scoop them. how secret was this? how much national security was on the line here? >> sounds like ripe subjects for congressional oversight. this is exactly what congressional committees are supposed to look int find out whether executive agencies are doing their jobs properly and if not whether that is because of income p incompetenr whether additional legislation is needed. >> judge jeanine: let's jump over to the irs.
9:28 pm
do you believe this is a low level kind of like benghazi in the department of state, all low level people responsible? >> there are only two reasons that low level bureaucrats get in trouble. one is that they want to have fun at public expense like the gsa scandal. this wasn't that. the other is that the low level bureaucrats want to become high level bureaucrats by doing something to please their bosses. this information went to washington. we know at least that much. it was not a couple of low level people in since that the which by the way is in ohio which by the way, was a -- >> judge jeanine: battleground state, judge? >> right. >> judge jeanine: judge mukasey, always good to have you and your expertise. coming up next, will the irs continue to be used to target americans of opposing political views? the former head of that agency under fire joins me live. and our justice insta-poll this week asks what is your irs
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this is a fox news weather alert. i'm marianne rafferty in new york. a dangerous situation brewing across the midwest. at this hour reports that a large tornado touched down in roselle, kansas. no word of damage or, jr. so far. kansas along with colorado, nebraska, oklahoma and north texas prepared for large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. the threat could span the next three days and cover heavily populated regions including kansas city and oklahoma city. earlier this week north texas was hit by a string of deadly twisters. one tornado ripped through granbury with winds up to 200 miles an hour. investigators ruled out foul play. they are studying a rail fracture where a commuter are
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train was struck by another. it happened during rush hour, more than 70 people hurt, three critically. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "justice" with judge jeanine. the irs has admitted to targeting conservatives even if the white house continues to be stuck on the word "if." my question isn't about who is going resign. my question is who is going to jail over this scandal? >> judge jeanine: the irs scandal is even more frightening than we first thought. and now some of those conservative groups that have been targeted are planning to sue. other than a man who was already going to retire will any one be held accountable? whistling me a former irs commissioner and jay sekulow
9:34 pm
who represents a number of the tea party groups that were targeted. good evening, gentlemen. >> good evening. >> hi, judge. >> judge jeanine: commissioner, are you aware of this kind of political targeting happening at the irs when you were the commissioner? >> no, not at all. let me just say this. in my experience everybody at the service did their level best to stay clear of politics. in fact, judge, we had an initiative in the '04 and '06 election cycles where we looked at churches and charities that were accused of politicking, those are the charities were c 3s and you may know they can't advocate for or against a specific candidate. we got a lot of complaints and the same tigda took a look at the work we did. russell george who testified yesterday and they he made ducks about being more timely and better guidance. there was none of this.
9:35 pm
this surprises me. and the work that was done is really atrocious and unbalanced. it is a shame. >> judge jeanine: you would agree he, then, commissioner, that what you are seeing now is something that has only happened during the obama administration based upon what you did when you were the irs commissioner? >> let me cover a couple of the points made in your previous pieces if i can. i think that this did -- the one issue is what happened in cincinnati and what they set up and the screens they put in place were absolutely wrong. i don't believe, though, that a word could have come down from the top as has been implied look only at these groups. what is a problem, though, is that once management was aware of it management did not act to correct it and then there is the whole question of the candor and dealing with the congress which is equally serious. >> judge jeanine: once management was aware of it and didn't correct it makes them complicit, does it not, jay?
9:36 pm
>> it does. and judge with due respect to mark and my first job out of law you school was with the council office of the irs and the tax exempt group was one of our clients. we know a deputy secretary of the treasury was aware of this over a year ago and nothing changed. we know that the head of the tax exempt was aware of it and put a secondary criteria in place that was worse. they were looking at groups looking at improving america and learning the constitution. the kenty secretary of the treasury -- >> that is malfeasance at a high level. >> judge jeanine: mark what do you want to say? >> as i understand the timeline lois lerner acted to control the group and was slow in doing this. >> judge jeanine: hog wash! she didn't tell the truth to congress. she lied too. >> let's get through the hearings here. let's hear what happens from the hearings. and what happened was this
9:37 pm
group after she acted. >> my clients have been waiting for three years for their tax exempt status. >> that is horrible. that is -- >> judge jeanine: jay, go ahead. tell us about what is going on with your clients. >> they were waiting three years. they were asked what books they read and who they were in contact with and did they speak to their state representatives. give us the membership and donor list. i have a lot of respect for you what did at the irs. this is unconstitutional. they have no right to it and it has been three years. i even notified treasury on monday saying the applications have been pending three years you are under scrutiny and we know there is targeting. grant the exemptions already for the ten groups. no response from the chief counsel office or the irs or the treasury. i have no choice but you to get a declare torrey judgment at a minimum from a federal court. i view a lot of respect for the agency. i will tell you this when the
9:38 pm
deputy secretary of the treasury is aware of this and does nothing to stop it that tells me there is a problem high up and the president of the united states refuses to answer a question asked did anybody in the white house know and his answer is i did not know about the inspector general's report. they are bringing this on themselves. come clean and tell us what happened. we though they are targeting and we know it was illegal and they need to give the groups their exemptions. they are entitled to it by law. >> i agree with you said about the delays. the rope-a-dope, endless questions there is no place tore that and that is wrong. none of the applications were denied. if the applications were incorrect something should have been denied. just putting you in a corridor where you are waiting endlessly that is not the right approach. let's let all of the facts come out here and see who needs to be accountable as already has been said. >> judge jeanine: there already
9:39 pm
is a suspicion. i mean when you were in a position, gentlemen, gentlemen, when you were in a position that you missed two election cycles because the decision was not made to me that is just as bad because if you deny it at least it can be appealed from. this way you have got no recourse, right, jay? >> right. yeah, that is the problem. and low he issues lerner by the way, knew about this two years guy. did nothing about it and then put in a corrective criteria which is actually worse. never followed up with the cincinnati office. which, by the way, is the largest processing office for tax exempts in the united states. i have a letter from lawyers at treasury at the irs, from wag, washington. i have tax exempt specialist from california. this was all over the country. loiso one has asked for lerner's resign craig and they he put up mark miller who was going to retire in three weeks.
9:40 pm
>> judge jeanine: what do you say that no one is asked to resign other than the guy that is already resigning? >> there are four different pieces to this. the activity down in cincinnati. we haven't been told what the discipline has been for those individuals. then the question of how cincinnati was supervised as jay is saying and you are saying, judge, from the group headed by lois. it was slow and took way too long. and then the question of how the super vision was exercised overall from the front office. this is no secret. i got calls from fox and other players saying what do you think of all of the c4s and i didn't take the calls. i didn't know much about it. in my watch it was about the c3s. there was no secret here. the front office should have gotten on this and found out what was going on when people like jay were raising issues and people like orrin hatch. >> judge jeanine: unless they already knew and there was nothing to stop.
9:41 pm
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9:45 pm
there isn't a weekend that hasn't gone by that someone says to me michelle what in the world are you all waiting for in congress? why aren't you impeaching the president he has been making unconstitutional actions since he came into office. >> judge jeanine: while impeachment doesn't seem to be on the table yet the controversy surrounding the white house appears to have rehe energized the gop. it appears this white house is actually incapable of telling the truth. with me, ryan clayton from d.c. and republican strategist and fox news contributor tony siage. ryan, isn't lying to the american people over and over again more serious than a personal picadello with an intern in the oval office? >> i think it is a perfect comparison. the last time the house republicans did this they lost a lot of seats in the next election. i would encourage john boehner
9:46 pm
to speak to newt gingrich. the people pushing the laden scandal are going to pay for it at the polls because americans are sick of this type of politics in america. >> judge jeanine: wouldn't you say it is more serious to lie to the american people over and over again than maybe having kind of like sex with an intern in the oval office that really wasn't sex? >> i would agree with you i think lying for the american people and for example taking us to war are in iraq on faulty evidence of weapons of mass destruction is something that people should be positively calling for impeachment of a president for. >> judge jeanine: how about leaving americans on the battlefield in benghazi and not sending help and going to bed. but you that is another issue. tony? what about impeachment. >> wishful thinking for you to say that bill clinton lying about the marital situation and in fidelity is the same thing as executive branch members lying in the case of benghazi in the situation that led to the death of americans and in the case of the irs in a case that actually had an executive
9:47 pm
branch department violating the first amendment rights of many americans and in the case of the department of justice, judge, violating the freedom of the press. taking this to a point where they dug in too deep with the ap. >> judge jeanine: to his credit, there are some times when you can actually seize the records. i don't think that the facts will bear out the necessity given they were in negotiations. >> they were very broad. >> judge jeanine: let's go back to using the irs to target political enemies. is that the kind of thing that happens all the time, tony? >> second specification of the nixon impeachment he used the irs to basically benefit himself politically. i'm not saying impeachment is the proper course. chairman camp and ice i issa ae pursuing this on the facts that are strong enough to make the case against the administration for what are gross acts. >> judge jeanine: what do you say to the comment that the second article of impeachment
9:48 pm
in the nixon charge had to do with the abuse of the irs and using it to target political enemies? >> that comparison doesn't really pan out here. >> judge jeanine: why not? >> the real scandal at the irs is the fact that they let all of the corporations pay zero dollars in income taxes every year. why aren't we he calling for investigations on that? >> judge jeanine: ryan, stop. that's the law. you want to change the law, go to congress! i'm talking about the fact that you used the irs to target a political ponent. >> i'm talking about the fact that warren buffett pays a lower income tax than his secretary does and the irs is not doing the job this that instance. >> judge jeanine: you're wrong! ryan, let's follow it up. if you are saying the irs is not doing its job you are saying that what warren buffett is doing something illegal and guilty of tax evision. he is not. >> most of the wealthy people in this country like mitt romney keep their money in
9:49 pm
offshore banks. why aren't they investigating them. >> judge jeanine: how did they get that information on mitt romney? they used the irs to get private information to benefit obama again. this is the most -- >> you are admitting that that information was, correct. you are admitting that that information was, correct. this he didn't pay the taxes. you are admiting that mitt romney paid steer row dollars in tacks. i pay my taxes. why doesn't me? >> he is saying the income pa tense of the irs. why do we give them control over obamacare? you are talking about the situation which in the year of 2011 no tea party group or group that had patriot or tea party in their name according to the washington post got clearance from the irs to operate as a group. >> they are not nonprofit organizations and. >> and media matters is. in a lot of the liberal ones are. they didn't even get notice to the status, ryan. >> judge jeanine: some of the
9:50 pm
tea party groups are not likely innocent nonprofit the organizations they may be illegally spending resources on political activity. how did you make that accusation without an investigation? this is political targeting. >> the koch brothers cave money not to help feed the poor. [ overlapping speakers ] >> none of which by the way are audited by the irs. >> judge jeanine: we will have you back, not to worry. up next, creep of the week went missing on his honeymoon. you will not believe where the new bride found him. and go and comment on our insta-poll. we will read yourances, after the break. [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets.
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>> judge jeanine: now, it is time for the results of the insta-poll. we are talking about the irs. we asked for your irs horror stories. and boy, did we get an earful. the irs it seems doesn't just target people for political reasons. agents can get very, very personal. jeanine, not me, spelled differently. my father was an irs agent and a very brutal man. after a nasty divorce my mother, her are sister and her mother were all audited every single year of their lives. thanks, dad, you were a peach. victoria says "my sister refused to date an irs agent and she was audited." sarah says "i'm being held
9:55 pm
hostage by the irs because my ex-husband made so much money the last two years of our marriage and didn't pay so here i am a single mother of two and they he cleaned out my bank account and taken my paychecks. the innocent spouse forms are a joke ." thomas says the irs has been taking my wife's tax defunds for years because of a debt owed by my ex-wife. we showed them proof yet they continue. daniel's story is simply that "they exist." keith says i subscribed to the tea party news it is letter and i was audited the next year. >> connie says haven't had a problem yet but since i supported romney i'm concerned. greg "i believe most would be afraid to comment given the current situation." and candace says "my mom passed away and they sent her a letter saying she needed to get in touch with them. i told them she passed away and
9:56 pm
they told me to tell her to call them. "true story. mark writes "irs equals i'm really stupid. mark and everyone, thanks. good luck and please note we didn't use last names to protect the in the and to prevent an audit. hey, you never know when it comes to the irs. now, for our creep of the week. imagine you are on your honeymoon in sunny florida in an upscale orlando resort. what could possibly could wrong? for the wife of muhammad ach med, plenty. he was in custody. the new husband had been arrested in a prostitution sting. he was arrested after leaving his new you bride in the hotel room to answer an online ad
9:57 pm
soliciting sex. he is charged with prostitution and solicitation of marijuana. safe to say the honeymoon is [ male announcer ] we build things that work the way you wish they would. like a front-end loader you can detach from your seat? or a mower deck you just drive over and cut through knee-deep grass problem? yep. we thought the same thing you did. that's why we build them this way. that's how we run.
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or faster relief, try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax provides gentle relief overnight unlike miralax and metamucil that can take up to 3 days. for predictable relief try dulcolax. >> geraldo: this is a fox news alert. i'm geraldo rivera reporting that despite the trio of scandals swirling around his white house, the president played golf again today for the 122nd time which the question is he too cool for school? or simply tone deaf? >> therefore, i shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. >> geraldo: this is not watergate but it as troubling trifecta of controversies that threaten to cripple mr. obama's second term agenda. >> my question is who is going to jail over the scandal? >> geraldo: the targeting of


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